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"My Chance" is a Short Term trial program engineered with a wholesome base of fitness and nutrition coupled with an aim to develop skill and tactical awareness. Lasting anywhere between 1 (minimum) and 3 (maximum) months, this program facilitates a holistic approach to the game through the rigid scientific foundation of medical examination and provision of clean, balanced diets.  

For players looking to take the infant steps in the development of every facet of their game; this program forms the basis of establishing a long lasting relationship with us. 





"Run to Change" is a Season program (11 Months) aimed for those players that are ready to elevate their game to the next level by enabling them to cross the fine line that separates the pool of talent into the upper exclusive tier of players that are offered professional contracts. Being an exclusive program, players are ultra filtered through a rigorous selection process, leaving behind nothing but a residue of supreme talent. Once chosen, players will stay with us for an entire season, during which time they will be put through their paces through an intense schedule of training. While a strong emphasis is placed on the development of a player with respect to the team, what makes this program unique is the fact that it also provides ample room for significant individual growth through a series of constant tests to assess the degree of change in the fine tuning of an individual player. At the end of the year, players are presented to scouts from various clubs across the region in order to provide them with an opportunity to go on and sign professional contracts.



Education Program (11months - 4 years).

We have reputed Junior schools, high schools and university programs on offer. We have customised education to accommodate professional athletes who desire an academic education.

For more on this email us  

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